1. Unique Methodology

During the early years, children develop a concept of self which results in a growing sense of autonomy and an increased understanding of the world around them. They will begin to take initiatives, make choices and assert themselves. At the same time, they become ardent observers and persistent explorers experimenting with their surroundings and their interaction with parents and teachers. The care and experiences received during the early years of their life, has a powerful impact on their ability to become lifelong learners. Everything you do or say can help to ‘wire’ your child’s brain – for thinking, feeling, moving and learning. At KK children are provided with consistent nurturing experiences and encourage them to explore the environment to ignite their unique potentials. This is accomplished through the following underlying principles of our curriculum:BRAIN BASED LEARNING, INTEGRATED, INTERDISCIPLINARY & THEME BASED CURRICULUM, LEARNING STYLES, DOMAINS OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT, THEORIES AND DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE, BLOOM’S TAXONOMY, MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES

2. KK difference

Action-based learning is elevated to the next stage using innovative teaching methods. Kangaroo Kids Preschool is recognized by mainstream schools as an institution that produces confident, creative and eager learners. The unique program is a new concept in learning and incorporates path-breaking brain research.Kangarookids curriculum is based on active and experiential learning. An optimum teacher-student ratio ensures effective implementation of this activity-based curriculum.

3. Facilities & Infra

The teacher student ratio at the various levels allows for the transition of students from dependence to interdependence to independence. The sequence followed goes from weakness to strength to greater strength. This order of growing independence helps the student display learning away from the guidance of the teacher, demonstrates that s/he is able to accomplish certain tasks by herself/himself and begins to control the learning process. At Kangaroo kids we believe in holistic development of a child. There are range of activities that enable every child at Kangaroo Kids to maximize learning with fun.

Our curriculum strongly emphasizes on the children’s intellectual (cognitive), language, social/emotional, physical, creative and aesthetic development.